By 2050, demand for food and consumption of water are expected to increase 70% each, requiring solutions to improve land and water productivities and optimize natural resources. With higher population growth and greater demand for food with high water requirements, most of the growth in agricultural production will be in emerging markets.

We equip companies operating in such markets with the necessary tools to address the unique risks and opportunities specific to these markets.

EREM-LLC services clients throughout the agribusiness value chain from “farm-to-table” and their use of water resources to maximize “crop per drop”.

The breadth of our experience includes:

• Poultry, Pork and Cattle Operations: Large and medium size companies with integrated production from contract farming to processing.

• Dairy Production: Milk, yoghurt and other milk-based products.

• Agricultural Commodities: Soybean, corn, other grains and by-products, sugar and ethanol, coffee growing and processing.

• Fruits & Vegetables: Tropical fruits, vegetables, citrus, juices, hydroponic tomatoes, potatoes, and nuts.

• Aquaculture: Off-shore and in-land fish farms.

• Agribusiness Logistics: Cold storage and deep freeze automated food logistics, greenhouses, and infrastructure.