Water Resource Management

By 2050, emerging markets will lead agricultural production growth, almost doubling the water utilized in 2002. Increases in agricultural production and yields will come from improved agricultural and water technologies including drought resistant crops, improvements in drip irrigation and investments in water reuse plants.

EREM-LLC assists water treatment and desalination clients in servicing emerging markets end-users especially agribusiness companies that represent about 70% of global water withdrawals. Our services include:

Selecting Best Water Use Technologies: We help agribusiness clients in evaluating, selecting and installing cutting-edge irrigation and other water treatment technologies to increase yields and produce more at lower cost.

Financial & Economic Evaluation: We assist wastewater treatment and desalination clients in evaluating projects and preparing bid contracts and documentation, including for BOT and BOOT projects.

Funding Strategies & Raising Capital: We help clients in financial engineering, selecting best funding structure and strategy as well as raising capital for their projects.