Approach & Client Services

We work with clients to identify key elements of success in operating in emerging markets which often involve understanding competitive advantage and value creation within the interdependent local and global context. We then use our in-depth country and sector knowledge, analysis and insight to craft and implement a successful strategy.

We provide agribusiness solutions through a holistic approach by evaluating the entire food chain to assist clients in coping efficiently with an increasingly changing global industry, applying latest technologies.

We develop a trusting relationship with our clients based on mutual respect, objectivity, integrity and excellent service.

EREM-LLC services clients in the following areas:

Developing a Business Plan for starting or acquiring a business that includes analysis of the client's objectives, strategy, markets, resources, and timeline.

Preparing and Evaluating Bankable Feasibility Studies that highlight and reliably quantify financial and economic returns of the proposed venture.

Market Studies & Implementation to assess growth opportunities by country, sector and product.

Raising the Capital necessary to establish or grow the client’s business.

Identifying Strategic Partners/Investors that can complement the business, increase market share and profitability.

Corporate Restructuring to improve and streamline operations, financial structure and management.

Providing Expert Advice on corporate strategy, financial management, operations and business development.